Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Games and Contests

 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Games and Contest - The Piano Man's DJ Productions - Albany NY Wedding, Mitzvah Disc Jockey Service

The Piano Man’s DJ Productions offers ULTIMATE fun when it comes to dancing contests and game activities for the guest of honor and his/her friends. The following descriptions will help you select which activities you would like to do, which can then be listed on the games and contests section of your Mitzvah Itinerary Form.

It is recommended that you select at least 2 of the dancing activities (for the adults to enjoy as well) and no more than 5 game activities. Some games will notate when the 2nd DJ option is required or recommended to perform that particular event.

We have also listed for you below each game and how many prizes are suggested for that activity. Feel free to consult your Musical Host on quantity or kinds of prizes to use. Popular prizes may include large candy bars, gift cards or gift certificates to movie rental stores, movie theatres, or music stores.

 Dance Participation - The Piano Man's DJ Productions - Albany NY Wedding, Mitzvah Disc Jockey Service

The most popular participation dances include the Y.M.C.A., Electric Slide, Macarena, Cha Cha slide, Twist, Swing, & Conga line. Others are the Gator, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Stroll, Shout theme song (from Animal House) & Las Ketchup song. These songs are generally played to enhance dance participation onto the dance floor, but can also be used as contests. For example, prizes can be awarded to the most enthusiastic or best dancer to any of the above songs that are played. 

Additional Dance Contest - The Piano Man's DJ Productions - Albany NY Wedding, Mitzvah Disc Jockey Service

A) Instant request contest: (2nd DJ option required)

The most enthusiastic dancer will be able to name his or her request when the music stops. The request will instantly be played (if applicable) for 1 minute, until the music stops again for the next best dancer to name his or her song.

  • Average time of contest………5-10 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed……….none

B) Follow the DJ

All participants face the DJ and match the dancing moves of the DJ. Be on your toes, because your DJ may “dance like a sprinkler” to “dancing disco style” within a split second!

  • Average time of contest………5 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed…… least 1

C) Credit Dance

This contest is applied to 3-5 dance songs played sporadically through the Celebration. Paper credits are passed out to the most enthusiastic dancers after your DJ announces the upcoming song as a credit dance. more than one credit can be given to a dancer per credit dance. After the last credit dance is played, whoever has the most credits gets a prize, and is the Master Dancer!

  • Average time of contest…………..10 minutes total
  • Number of prizes needed…………1

D) Swing Dance Contest

An old dance contest that is now new. For this you must have a partner. The two

  • dancers will try their best to “Jitter bug” or “Swing Dance” to some music that
  • makes you want to “Jump, Jive & Wail.” Our winning team must remain dancing for
  • the whole song. Those with the best variety of moves will be our winners.
  • Average time of contest…………..5 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed………….2
  • E) General Dance Contest

Prizes are awarded to the “best dancers” to a particular song played.

  • Average time of contest…………..5 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed…………2-4 


1) Guest of Honor Trivia

Questions that relate to the Guest of Honor are sporadically asked throughout the Celebration. The first person to raise their hand will be called upon, and a prize is awarded if his/her answer is correct. Since some guests may know the honoree better than others, only one prize per person is awarded for this contest. Between 8-10 questions with the answers must be provided for this contest by the client, preferably by E-mail or fax ,1 week before the event date. An example question may be: “What is Zach’s favorite subject in school?” or What is Zach’s pet’s name(s).

  • Average time of contest………….5 minutes (total)
  • Number of prizes needed…………1 per question

2) Name that Tune Trivia (2nd DJ option recommended)

Participants are asked to find a team between 4-6 people. Team mates then vote on a team leader, to collect a “Name that Tune Trivia” sheet and pen from the dj booth, and then lead their team to victory! The first 10 seconds of 10 songs are played, (with time in between for the team to discuss secretly the correct song title and artist). Upon completion of the game, the answers are announced, and the winning team receives a prize per person!

  • Average time of contest…………..10 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed…………..6

3) Coke & Pepsi

This is a relay race, mainly for kids, and usually goes throughout the length of the dance floor. It is suggested that this game be played on a surface that is not smooth to avoid slipping. The object of the game is for the kids to choose partners, with each partner going to opposite sides of the floor. One side is nicknamed “Coke”; the other is called “Pepsi”. The DJ alternates calling out either “Coke” or “Pepsi”, and the players on that side of the dance floor run to the other side, ultimately sitting on their partner’s knee. For instance, if the DJ calls “Pepsi”, the guests on the “Coke” side would run across the floor, and sit on their “Pepsi” partner’s knee. The last player to successfully do this is out. That duo leaves the dance floor, and the game continues in this manner. To mix things up, the DJ will occasionally call out another soft drink, such as “Dr. Pepper” or “7up.” .If any player performs the wrong move to a flavor called, they are out, along with their corresponding partner!. The last duo remaining is the winner.

  • Average time of contest………10 minutes (depends on how many players involved)
  • Number of prizes needed………2

4) Mummy Wrap

– This is a potentially messy one, but we have a way around that! Kids team up with 4-6 people, and each team is given a roll of toilet paper. A selected team leader determines which player will be the “mummy”. The object is for the other team mates to wrap up the “mummy” as fast and neat as they can, while designing their mummy to a character of choice! Props may be passed out from the DJ booth to help create you mummy character. The first team to wrap the mummy the neatest & quickest with the most creativity to match their character name is the winning team.

  • Average time of contest………8 minutes (includes prep time & determining winning team)
  • Number of prizes needed……..5 estimated

5) Hula Hoop Contest

Our most popular hula hoop game is the one by teams. All contestants are given a number after lining up in a straight line. Teams are created based upon the numbers that they are given. ( The number of contestants will determine 2, 3, or 4 teams). One adult per team is asked to volunteer and play team leader to keep score for their team. Each team will line up single file facing their team leaders before the “face-off “begins. After the dj plays some upbeat music and says go, the person in front of their team line will hula hoop against the other contestants. The player that can hula the longest around their waist without touching their hula hoop after the initial start gets a point for their team, for that round. The hula hoop is then casually passed back to the next team mate by the team leader for the next round, as the finished participant goes to the back of the team line .The rounds will repeat consecutively until all players have participated. Team leaders then report to the DJ their totals. Team with the most points are the hula hoop champions !!!

  • Average time of contest……….10 minutes (Includes prep time)
  • Number of prizes needed………optional (8-12 small prizes or giveaways)

6) Pass the Hula Hoop Agility game

How quick is your body coordination? 2-4 teams (with equal amount of players) line side by side at arms length, holding each other’s hands, while facing their opponents. After the DJ starts some upbeat music and says “GO,” each team must pass their hula hoop through their body to the next player, without letting go of each other’s hands (unlinked hands means starting over from the beginning for that team). The first team to move the hula hoop down their line and back to the beginner, are the Hula Hoop Agility Champions!!

  • Average time of contest……….5 minutes (Includes prep time)
  • Number of prizes needed………none required
  • 7) The Limbo (second DJ recommended)

Grab the limbo pole and let’s GO ! Two folks hold each end of the stick; the others try to go underneath without falling or touching the stick. If they succeed, they go to the back of the line. If they don’t, they’re out. Every now and then, the limbo bar is lowered to increase the difficulty. This game is nice, because usually the littlest kids have the advantage, and it never hurts to have your 5-year-old brother or sister win!

  • Average time of contest……….10 minutes (Depends on how many players involved)
  • Number of prizes needed………1

8) The Golf Putt

This contest is what it says. The DJ will have everyone line up and take turns putting a golf ball into the “cup.” Winners get prizes for a “Hole in one.” A great activity for all ages from young to old. Also works well at the beginning of the event when guests are first arriving.

  • Average time of contest……….5-10 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed……….4 (estimated)

9) Basketball contest (2nd DJ option recommended)

Alright basketball stars, let’s check out your accuracy! Contests are simply asked to line up single file behind a boundary. Each runner-up has two shots to make two consecutive baskets, before being awarded a prize. (A close boundary to the hoop is offered for the girls, or for players under 10 years of age.) This game is works well when guests are first arriving, and can new players can participate when “in-progress.”

  • Average time of contest………..10 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed……….4 on average

10) Scavenger hunt

In summary, players need to quickly scavenge to find an item in the room that the dj calls out, and return back to their chair. Players unable to return to their chair with the item is out. The Last 2-3 players that have gotten all required items are the winners!

  • (Note: These items will mostly consist of giveaways that have been passed out previously at the event, such as sunglasses, Hawaiian leis, and sombreros. This activity works well towards the end of the event).
  • Average time of contest…………10 minutes
  • Number of prizes needed………..2-3

11) Hot Potato (2nd DJ option recommended)

All participants get into a circle. When the music stops, if you have the potato the DJ will have you reach into the bag ‘o’ tricks and pull out something wear. For example, a clown wig , a Funny nose or wild sunglasses. This is great for the Adults and the kids because there are no dance steps to remember or running around in circles. Just stand in our circle , clap your hands to the music and hope you don’t get caught with the HOT POTATO !!!

  • Average time of contest……….10 minutes
  • Number of prizes……………….0

12. Balloon Tee Shirt. Balloon T-Shirt Game

This game is really fun and all the kids can participate for the whole game. The DJ will supply five XXXL T-shirts and a bunch of balloons. All the kids will get into groups of 6. Each group will pick the a person to be the balloon person. At that time the person chosen will put on the oversized T-shirt. The object of the game is to blow up as many balloons as you possibly can and stuff them under the T shirt while the DJ plays a song . They will have approximately 3 minutes to complete this task. The group with the most balloons stuffed will be the winners.