Text Messaging Live

* Must be used in conjunction with one of our Projection or Flat Screen Systems

We are always looking for something new, Text Messaging Live is fun and exciting!  Want to help guests get involved and excited — to make a party extra-special and worth talking about..

It’s a whole new party when guests can toast (or “roast”!) the guest of honor by sending a text message onto the video screens. The crowd is dancing, the live simulcast is playing on the screens, and the messages scroll across like a stock ticker:

Mazel Tov Zach … ur da man xo britt
Hey Jordan … this party rocks … ur cuz Ryan
Happy Birthday George….. r u really 50?? xo Annie
An automatic response can be sent back to the senders:
B sure 2 have fun 2nite – Hayden

The party’s MC can also engage the kids by asking trivia questions and voting on the screen: Who is the best dancer? Who is the cutest couple?

Partygoers can even send text requests to the DJ, to request songs.

Texting activities like these are especially popular and fun for the younger generation, for whom texting is part of their everyday life.